July 15, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 7.16.2010

I'm thinking sizzingly hot summer days, pink ladies, las vegas, carnivals....you know stuff like that. Gosh it's hot here, and I love it. I'm a big heat person, though can't tan worth a damn. You know, it's all the red hair and fair skin stuff. My freckles are a little more obvious this time of year. For you sun worshipers out there a couple of swimsuits have caught my eye this week:

These come from my sis and Peter! I've never tried to make a swimsuit, but these are both great examples of fun in the sun lovelies. I love that pattern my sis, Abby used from Burda Style and Peter is definitely going to get wet in those fun trunks! Fabulous and refreshing splashes you two!

This tutorial from sewaholic.net is fabulous for matching plaids and prints along a seamline. Plaids scare me for this very reason. Perfect timing as I have a load of things to make for Self Stitched September including a double faced wool plaid skirt!

Just in case you haven't noticed, I'm on facebook now with a fun little page. I didn't realize how much you could actually do on facebook. I'm very excited for the upcoming sagas I'll share with you there. And don't forget about my twitter either. Both places will be featuring updates from here, my shop, coupons, sales and special promotions.

Don't have too much fun without me now! Happy weekend!
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