July 20, 2010

Pretty Little Underthings

When I'm out shopping or thrifting I always look for silk, real silk not polyester or nylon, underthings. They are seriously few and far between. I don't mean a nightie or lingerie either (although, I suppose they fall into somewhat the same category), I mean underthings, you know like slips.  I've been in dire need of underthings, aka slips. I have had a skirt slip, manufactured from horrid nylon that has been my standby for much too long. It was high time for something new.

The two camisoles hiding behind the skirt slip were thrifted "nighties" that have since been cut short to be made into camisoles. The skirt slip is a recent stitched up fancy that I've long been meaning to do and never got around to. I don't generally wear skirt slips, but I have two skirts that require them, even though the skirts themselves are lined. And judging from how much wear the nasty little nylon slip got, I apparently wear slips more than I even thought. All of these underthings are 100% silk making them more breathable than nylon or polyester. With the heat around here, it's a definite must.

I made the skirt slip from this vintage pattern. Really a pattern is not necessary as I didn't even follow the instructions for this one. In fact, I might just write up a tutorial, because I'll be needing a black one too. I used a very light pink silk charmeuse, vintage lace for the trim and plush backed elastic for the waist. Ummm...have you tried plush backed elastic? If you haven't, you really need to. Not only does it hold the thing in place and keep it from slipping all around town, but it feels fantastic compared with other elastic type waists I've tried. So fantastic, it's like it's not even there.

Do you ever wear slips? Do you have a hard time finding natural fiber slips? What are your secrets for underthings?

PS ~ after two days worth of wear, I'm in love with my silk slip! 100% no cling to skirts, complete breathability and not to mention the luscious feel of the silk against my skin is heavenly. Won't ever be going back! Highly, highly recommend!
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