June 23, 2010

Yet More Info on My Boysenberry Pastry Frock

You really don't even have to tell me that you wanted to hear more about this blouse. I mean, come now, it is the best thing since sliced bread. Tell me you don't agree. Ahem....

So I realize now that I've posted about this top that I forgot to tell you more about the 1980's pattern it came from. What's even more sad is that someone asked me what pattern it was that I did the blouse from and then I actually took the time to locate the copyright date on the pattern and what to my dismay, but the date actually read 1978! Hardy har har. So sorry. For those of you wanting to know, this is McCall's 6367. There are several on Etsy (click here) for $6 and under, if you are interested in making one for yourself.

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