May 20, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 5.21.2010

Aren't you so glad its Friday again? I am and I'm so happy to be feeling up to par. I really love bringing these spotlights to you every week.

This week's creation comes to you from Stefi at Just Chic. I am continually amazed with her creations. Don't forget to check out her tutorials either! I first noticed her on Burda Style and have been continually blown away by the fabrics she uses and the designs she comes up with. This skirt is one of her own designs and a perfect fit for any colorful wardrobe, I dare say. I'm quite sure Penelope would be rather proud. Beautiful job Stefi.

Have you read this article over at the Selfish Seamstress? I thought it was rather thought provoking and intriguing. I've thought about it a lot ever since reading it. I'll say that I'm rather a sucker for feminine details and definitely do not think they should be done away with, but I will say that I've seen (and unfortunately, made) some rather atrocious garments with too much craziness going on. You know, just a little stitch for thought.

This week's stitching tip is on pinning. Always pin. My mom said that my grandma always says this. A great rule of thumb. Sewing goes along so much better if one pins before they stitch. And don't forget to use the right pins when pinning. Standard dressmaking pins are great, but don't forget that for silk and knits there are extra sharps and ball points so as not to obstruct the fragile weave of the cloths for these types of fabrics. Here's a great article on just this subject.

Image Courtesy of thenakedsnail on flickr

And that's a wrap! Have a fantastic weekend!
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