April 22, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 4.23.2010

This week I've gathered some inspiring sweetness from sewing peeps that have caught my eye. Keep all that great stuff coming, because I love getting excited about what to sew next.

This week's weekly creation comes to you from Rachel. I've seen the polka dot madness going on all around and I've thought about wearing polka dots and have just never really tried. This Rooibos creation is the bee's knees, and did you by chance notice how flat the fabulous little collar is laying? I've noticed that this has been a problem for several who have tried this pattern, we might just have to ask for a tutorial to let us in on that secret! Beautiful job Rachel!

Have you seen Esther's blog/burdastyle creations? Yeah, I'm way jealous that she's only 15 too!!!! Way way way jealous. Where was I when I was 15? Definitely not being cool or doing anything creative.  She's got some serious photography talent. Not to mention all of her hand sewn creations are way out of this world.  And she has red hair. Now who doesn't like a girl with red hair? Who?

Simplicity 2724 is getting some well deserved spotlight attention! Amelie (I know, can you even believe that this is her name, too sweet!) and Rifka from Burda Style have both made up their own superb creations. And threadsquare and Selfish Seamstress are pondering about making their own versions. I say, jump on the bandwagon folks, it's a pretty ridiculously fabulous pattern. But then, I guess I'm a little biased.

Recently I made the rather expensive purchase of a pair of Gingher Pinking Shears. I don't have a serger, and I actually don't know many stitchers who do. If you're hankering for a serger and just can't afford it right now, pinking shears might be a good investment for the present. They work great, especially on cotton, and don't leave behind the bulky seam allowance other seam finishing techniques might. For added fray-edge security, I give the seam allowance a simple straight stitch close to the pinked edge.

And that's a wrap friends! Happy weekending!


  1. That Esther is so creative! Is there anything she doesn't do perfectly?

  2. Re sergers, they are dangerous! They have HUGE appetites for fabric and can devour (and destroy) a sewing project if one isn't careful.
    I may re-visit my pinking shears myself!

  3. Hey, that's me in this post !! I'm flattered - but of course, you know this dress was only possible thanks to the naughty secretary dress ;o)
    If i tell you that my last name sounds very much like "Poulain" ( as in "the fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain" - the film), does it make you smile ? And yes people in France get mixed up and i do get called AMélie Poulain once in a while ;o)
    Thanks for sahring Hester's blog : really nice!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I'm amazed with Esther's self-timer photos, so talented. Love everyone's version of the Simplicity dress, that's a pattern you could make 10 times and have each one look different.
    Love your Stitching Spotlights posts, they get me pumped for sewing on the weekend! Have a good one!

  5. What a great post full of inspiration for the weekend! And it's so funny you should mention Red Headed Stranger, because my hubby just gifted me a new copy of it yesterday. One of my favorites!

  6. Oh my gosh, I am a bright red with embarrassed happiness right now!! Thank you Sunni for making me feel so special!!
    I made a red and black rooibos, and will post a tutorial on my blog for making the collar lay flat. It is really simple.
    I am really interested in pinking shears. I've been zigzagging the edges, and it takes bloomin' forever. I've seen them mentioned on a few other seamstress' blogs -- so you cut the fabric with the shears, run a straight stitch close to the edge, and then the seam is finished?
    Please tell me all you know!! I would love to not have to sit there zigzagging every seam!!

  7. I love my pinking shears but I'm thinking they need sharpening....

  8. She is unbelievably creative. Love everything she does!

  9. Peter I'm so glad you said this! This makes me rethink my interest in investing in one. Hmmmm....

  10. I can't believe this! I love Amelie, its my most favorite movie in the whole world. What a terrific name!

  11. Oh we can not wait to see the red and black version! AHHHHH!! Very excited! Can't wait for the tutorial either!
    As for the shears, yes. I actually cut my fabric with my regular shears first and then after sewing each seam, I trim the seam with the pinking shears and then give a straight stitch. I'm sure you can do it many different ways. Pinking shears are seriously worth the investment. I really didn't believe they worked until I pre-washed a pinked cut of fabric. Not even half so much fray came out of the edge. Totally converted now.

  12. You've inspired me to pass on the "Premio Amigo Artesano" Award to you! Please visit my blog: http://el-little.blogspot.com/2010/04/award.html


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