April 15, 2010

Stitching Spotlights 4.16.2010

I think it's high time I shared with you some of the stitching adventures/tools/articles that inspire me each week. I think we might have to make a date of it. Meet me here each Friday? Good, let's get down to business.

For your listening pleasure, a little Madeleine Peyroux, whom I recently discovered and has been bringing me much inspiration on the possibility of a drop dead blue dress, perhaps from this sexy vintage pattern featured above.

This fabul-oh-soooo dress is brought to you by Tasia. The Vogue sewing pattern she used was one that I hadn't even considered, but that backless look is so gorgeous! And that fabric, oh I die.....This girl's got mad sewing skills. Simply mad. Have a look here at her review of this pattern.

This article from Burda Style popped into my email just the other day. I've always wanted to try this and might give a very simple pattern a try soon. Inspires me to want to try creating my own perfectly fitted pair of dress pants or skirt and blouse and then share it with y'all. Hmmmm.....

And finally, one of my favorite tools of all time. Ladies and Gents it is with awe and wonder that I bring you, (drum roll please) the ball point bodkin. Run, don't walk, to go get one. Threading elastic through a casing never got easier, turning a thin strap on a dress is all of a sudden simple again. Hip hip hooray!

Just a smattering of stitching here and there. Have a very happy weekend.


  1. Great round-up - not sure if I've commented here before but I love your blog! Am with you on Tasia's dress - it's fab. I realised why I didn't go for it when I saw it for sale - I hadn't been able to see past Vogue's styling of that one. Thank you for introducing the ball point bodkin - hope it's available on this side of the world!

  2. Oh my god, that's my dress! How delightful to be featured on your Stitching Spotlights post.
    Thanks for the mention, I am so flattered! I'm blushing over here :)

  3. The vintage pattern at the top is to DIE for, so are backless dresses which I have a horrible weakness for (I think it is my years in ballet school), and I think I need to buy myself a bodkin. using safety pins only goes so far.
    i think the inspiration post is a great idea! i always enjoy the ones Casey at Elegant Musings puts together and it is a great way to start friday and be inspired for the weekend!

  4. Thanks, so useful! Have a great weekend.

  5. I do believe the bodkins are rather easy to access. I just bought mine at the general sewing store across the street. They are fabulous! I've used mine on so many different occasions. Seriously the best tool for turning a thin strap of some sort.

  6. Your dress is simply stunning! I love the fabric you used so much. So much that I'm totally jealous. I'll bet it looks simply fab on you too!

  7. Oh oh oh! Thank you! I'm so glad they are useful! I find the same thing, and Elegant Musings is one of my favorite haunts.
    I can't wait to sew up that vintage pattern either. And its in my size! How fabulous is that?

  8. Ah, Madeleine Peyroux is one of my faves. My husband and I got to see her in concert in Minneapolis a couple of years ago when we were up there, and she was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

  9. Love the song (so sultry)! That dress is gorgeous and the ball point bodkin does sound very handy indeed. Great idea to show a variety of inspirational things--songs, projects, tools, etc. I am really enjoying your blog!


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