April 18, 2010

Perfect Spring Dress

This dress has morphed into a Frankenstein all its own. Started out with this inspiration, found this pattern, found these two fabrics - of which the winning version I ruined and the second version, well as you can see, does not look like quite like the inspiration though, for me it's just the right fit. So, how did we get here? Let me preface all this by saying that I should have gone to the Anthropologie store and tried this dress on. That would have solved the issue of me sewing something that didn't suit my silhouette. That being said, let's start at the beginning.

The pattern didn't fit the way I wanted it to. Not to mention, I was only pilfering the bodice and not the whole dress. After mocking up a muslin for the bodice, I noticed that the princess seams were all wrong for what I was going for. Moved the darts for that and then did my second muslin. Much better.

Cut it out of the winning sheet fabric. Ruined that by not making the skirt full enough. This looked seriously terrible. However, I will say that the bodice is completely salvedgable and I will probably be looking for a project to incorporate this into, very soon.

Then cut it out of the losing fabric, bleached it (more on this to come), sewed it, and was just about to hem it when after trying it on I found that I really didn't like it. That full skirt looked so....princess-y. Even Mr. S commented that, "It's just not the right look for you, is it?" I don't know that I could tell you what I expected it to look like with that full skirt. I really don't. But for my silhouette and mood, it was too silly for words. That's when I knew I wouldn't wear it and after all this work, I can't just not wear it. Now that would be silly!

At this point I was about to shove the dumb thing into my favorite drawer of unfinished projects. And then I remembered my New Year's Resolution. Had to finish it. It's the principle of the thing. Had to. There you have it.

So here it is. And I sware, if you say one mean thing about it, I'll burst into tears. Be a little tender as my poor fingers have been through the ringer with this one. For me, its a little anticlimatic. Hopefully not for you. Like it? (There is no other option for you but to say yes, so you'd better) I will say that I do like it. I love the tie. That's the best part for me. I tried this dress with a number of different belts and nothing quite worked and then it dawned on me that I really needed that poppy color somewhere. I think that brings the whole dress together. What say you? Also, the bottom part might look a little familiar to those of you who have bought Simplicity 2724. Yeah, its the full skirt option. Did I mention that I love that pattern?

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