March 21, 2010

To Be Quilty or Not To Be Quilty?

I have a thing with printed cotton fabric. More specifically I have a thing with printed cotton fabric that's typically used for quilting. The quilting fabric industry has gone crazy over the past few years. They've even got "designers" for some of these gorgeous fabrics that would rival any Hollywood actor or actress today. Or so it seems. These people make some gorgeous prints. They really do. And I love cotton, because it's one of those natural fibers that is inexpensive compared to others. It's wearable, washable and easy to sew. But there still remains this question of whether or not some of these prints border on being nutty when turned into a garment.

I recently received my Spring copy of the Lilly Pulitzer catalog. Personally, I find it so fun, colorful, vibrant, feel-good and well, Springy. I'll admit, I do think that some of the prints here are crazy, but isn't that what's so fun about it? This is like, crazy gone good. And yes, I would wear it. I wear crazy stuff. I like color against my skin since my coloring is such that I blend all together if I don't wear color. But hey, that's me. What do you think? Would you wear this colorful stuff? Or, isn't it too printy or dare I say, quilty for you?

This quilty thing brings up a good point. I've seen quilty gone bad. And it's real bad. I'm not saying that quilting is bad or that it's not good for a quilt to look quilty. Quilting is a beautiful art, and when done tastefully is simply stunning. I'm talking about making garments from quilting fabric. Or should I say, printed cotton? Either way, I've seen it go bad. It's kind of a nutty look. It's that look that makes someone want to ask you, "So, you do alot of quilting?" because you are wearing it. So where is this fine line? When does one cross the threshold of being cute in a print, to being a walking quilt?

I think it's a combination of the style of a garment coupled with what print you use. The Lilly P fabrics are loud and crazy and oh so 60's and the style of the garments are funky, fun and fitted. They complement each other. What's a style that wouldn't look good with these fabrics?

What do you think? What passes the non-quilty test?
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