March 23, 2010

The Making of an American Quilt

Speaking of of my favorite films of all time is How To Make An American Quilt. Read the book too. The ideas in the film and novel speak to my sensibilities of sewing and how I feel about the legacy my grandma has given me. This is my quilt. My wedding quilt. My grandma appliqued, pieced and hand quilted every single stitch on it. It's called The Lovebirds.

My grandma entered this beauty in her local county fair before bestowing this grand gift on me. She won the Sweepstakes. And that's that.

Thinking about all this quilting stuff and reading over past entries I've written relating to this subject, I didn't want you to get the wrong idea of what I really think about quilting. In talking about sewing with people who don't sew anymore, many of you brought up this topic of not sewing for yourself but sewing and quilting for your children and grandchildren. I still consider this to be a sewing art. Not only that, it's a feat. This quilt took my grandmother 2 years (approximately) to complete. And my grandmother sews nearly everyday.

I don't even know that I feel this beautiful gift falls into the "quilty" category. I just consider it beautiful, handmade and a work of art. I, myself, don't quilt. I've made a duvet cover that was pieced, but I didn't quilt it per se. But I love this beautiful piece of artwork my grandma has given me. Everytime I take it out, it almost brings me to tears just thinking about it.

What do you think about quilting? If you don't do it now, do you think you ever will try it someday?
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