March 31, 2010

Naughty Secretary

It's only fitting that I am a secretary and I'm naughty and I made this stellar little dress for myself. It is. This is Simplicity 2724. It caught my eye because I had this little English girl's suggestion running through my head. We've talked about the quilty-ness of quilty fabrics and I had 4 yards of Heather Bailey Nicey Jane to use. By the way, I still have 3 yards and a little bit. Ms. Zoe is quite right, quite right. I'm thrilled with the break up of a colorful cotton print paired with this subtle herringbone. Not only that, but the only thing I bought for this project was the zipper as I was completely determined to use only items from my stash. I was so happy about that. I'm in serious need of destashing.

So do you realize that this is a dress? Yeah. It. Is. I think that was the greatest part about the pattern. I needed an easy breezy albeit sexy outfit for working in. And you know, I always have problems with my blouse staying tucked into a skirt. This pattern fixes that problem. Oh and did you notice that you didn't notice the zipper? It's on the side and I did a lapped handpicked zipper again which I will be doing a tutorial on very soon.

This is the pattern for the mocked up muslin I showed you yesterday and along with the shoulder adjustment I had to nip and tuck the skirt portion. It fits like a glove. A glove I'm telling you. I also added a lining to the skirt because I almost feel naked without one. It just makes everything so much nicer and professional. One more liberty I took was to eliminate the facing in the sleeve. I think you have to be careful with "facing" everything. It's a hard call to know what should be faced and what shouldn't and I felt the sleeve would do better trimmed in self bias tape. I'm giving this pattern high marks because it has great design options and is easy to wear and it looks great!

I know what you're thinking too. You're thinking "why did she make this when she has her Perfect Spring Dress to finish?" I'm telling you, I don't know. But I promise that I will be good and stay focused this weekend.

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