January 21, 2010

Pretty Progress

This is what has been finished of my wiggle dress so far.  Remember, I told you about the vintage pattern I bought online.  It's that wiggle dress and jacket circa 1961 and I'm getting really excited to have a good wiggle in it. I read Casey's excellent post on vintage pattern priming and she recommended this excellent resource (though the photos are a little hard to see) for how to grade the pattern to the size you need. This posting from Threads was excellent as well. This grading thing really scared me. I mean really scared me. My pattern still turned out just a little large, so I graded down a little bit more and hopefully I've got my perfect measurements now. I've tested the bodice with muslin and this lightweight bright red merino wool has been cut up, along with bright red dupioni silk to line the skirt and the fancy schmancy triangular bound buttonholes, for which you can find the tutorial here.  I added this little touch as it seemed the perfect occasion to used this method and it kind of reminds one of the crazy things they did in the 60's, you know, like the spacey stuff and all that. I felt the bound buttonholes would blend quite well. What do you think?

A little something I did not know, until recently and maybe you don't either, but a wiggle dress is a dress with a very close fitting, tapered skirt that does not allow the wearer to take normal sized steps when wearing it. In effect, they wiggle as they walk! Ha ha ha! How fabulous will this be? In bright lipstick red wool no less, I will most definitely be the center of all kinds of attention wanted or not. He he. It will be ready just in time for Valentine's Day too. How very...cheeky.

I do indeed intend to make the jacket too. I've picked out this houndstooth canvas that has a red stripe running through it. It tends to tone the bright red wool down a tad but not enough to still give it some real pep. All in all, a very colorful outcome is expected. Very colorful indeed.


  1. you pick the best colors and fabrics, this red, the green dress and the purple top! I can't wait to see how the wiggle dress goes. the bound button holes definitely work!

  2. I love the triangular buttonholes! I can't wait to see the finished dress!

  3. Oh a wiggle dress!!! I can't wait to see the finished product. I bet it will look just dashing on you. ^^

  4. Very beautiful red! It's going to be fabulous!

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