As the Holidays Begin to Unwind….

Thankfully so do I. I admit, fully, that I do, indeed, love holidays. However, this year, I found that there was so much that is forgotten in the midst of the hub-bub. Not to say that Mr. S and I didn’t have a wonderful Christmas, because we did. I mean to say that as I was driving to the nearest grocer Christmas Eve, and was nearly driven off the road by a very angry driver and was very rudely pushed aside at the grocery store as I was just deciding on some chocolate chips, I felt that somehow we really have forgotten what this whole holiday is about. Mr. S and I discussed this topic in length as we drove the 45 minutes to relatives’ houses for our annual festivities. I’ve come to the realization that I love any holiday because I get to spend it with Mr. S and other loved ones.  I’ve also found that its rather horrible sometimes the way we treat our fellow creatures, you know, those whom we don’t even know and sometimes think it must be OK to push them aside for the sake of our own gain or to get that last bag of chocolate chips before someone else does.

Anyhow, in the spirit of giving this year, I hope you didn’t forget to give a little kindness to your neighbor. I’ve forgotten this a little bit, by the way, though I didn’t do the pushing in the grocery store. Needless to say, I could at least remember a few things like wishing others “Season’s Greetings” and giving a smile here and there. In any event, Christmas this year was splendid with Mr. S. He makes me so happy, I don’t see how it could be otherwise. We each opened a pair of PJ’s on Christmas Eve and put them on and just snuggled and gazed at the tree and listened to a little Christmas music. And that, dear reader, is a very nice thought for me to think about.

Hopefully, you had a Holiday free from rudeness and the like and filled with joy and sweetness from the ones you love and from others you don’t know! I hope you too, thought about what this holiday season really means to you and why you do what you do. I did. I’m very happy to have spent it creating beautiful memories to think about for years to come.