The Conversation Heart Garland Tutorial

Lovely Day to you readers! I decided to post a tutorial on how to make my Conversation Heart Garland. If you don’t have the items listed, you are welcome to buy them from me where they are all pre-cut and ready to be hand sewn. I have some kits posted in my shop. Also, if you have everything else and do not have wool felt, or don’t have a machine that will embroider the hearts, I would be glad to sell those separately for $7 (free shipping). Drop me an email to let me know! OK here goes, my first tutorial:

The Conversation Heart Garland

This is a pleasant little project that requires a little machine sewing and alot of hand sewing. I recommend setting up station while watching a favorite movie! Make a night of it and have fun!

You will need:

Enough felt for 6 pairs of conversation hearts (3 different 12 by 18 inch pieces will do the trick)
1 yard coordinating Jumbo ric rac
A few fabric scraps, enough for 3 large and 3 small yo-yo’s
An assortment of Valentine buttons
A little stuffing to stuff the conversation hearts
A few assorted vintage Valentine Cards (many are available on Etsy, I bought some here She’s super fabulous to work with!)
Some strands of embroidery thread

1. Take your strand of Jumbo ric-rac and burn the edges to prevent fray. You can do this with a lighter or a match. Next, fold over one edge and zig-zag stitch the end to the body of the ric-rac. Use your buttonhole setting on your machine to create a button-hole from which to hang your garland. Lay the ric-rac flat and untwisted on a flat surface.

2. Create your own heart templates to cut the hearts out of the felt. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw one side of a heart.

Cut out and voila! a perfect heart.

I used three different sizes and shapes of hearts, you can do as many as you like. Take your heart pattern and cut out your hearts from the felt. Two hearts from each color for a total of six hearts.

3. For the conversation hearts, you will need a front and a back. The front will have a conversation embroidered on and the back will be blank.

You can machine embroider little sayings or hand embroider them if you wish. I did it with my machine! Here are some Valentine expressions:

Be Mine
Funny Valentine
Kiss Me
Let’s Just Kiss
You’re so sweet
What’s your number?
Fly Me to the Moon
We’re in Love
He loves me, He loves me not
My heart has wings
You had me at Hello
The love of my life
The Apple of my Eye
Roses are Red

Come up with more of your own or buy a box of conversation hearts to eat for inspiration. After you’ve embroidered a little Valentine expression to each conversation heart front, you will hand-stitch the front to the back using some funky and fun different embroidery techniques and embroidery thread.

I used a running stitch on some, a blanket stitch on others and a hem stitch. Use whatever you wish to close the front to the back. Before stitching closed, leave an opening to stuff the heart with a little stuffing. Next stitch the heart closed. You’ll repeat for the next 5 hearts.

4. Create a template for the yo-yo’s. Take a sheet of paper and a small dish plate and cup. Trace around each to create a large and small yo-yo. Cut out.

Take your coordinating scraps of fabric and cut out the yo-yo’s. 3 Large and 3 small. I used two different coordinating fabrics. You are welcome to use as many as you like.

5. To make yo-yo’s, fold over a small edge of a fabric circle.

With needle and thread in hand stitch an X-Large gathering stitch all the way around the circle. Pull tight at the end and flatten right side out.

6. Place conversation hearts and yo-yo’s on ric-rac in a manner pleasing to your eye. Next, stitch your hearts and yo-yo’s in place.

The conversation hearts will need to be stitched from the top-most part of the heart in order to hang correctly. Hearts will not hang correctly if stitched from the middle or bottom. Be sure to stitch at the top. (Note: This is for a vertical garland. For a horizontal garland, you will need to attach a string or piece of ribbon to the the part where the heart will hang from, then tie that onto the garland for correct hanging.)

7. Sew your buttons onto the garland. I sewed some onto the yo-yo’s and hearts as well!

8. To attach the vintage Valentine cards, punch a hole into the top of the card with a hole-punch
er and feed a piece of embroidery thread through.

Tie a knot in the end and feed a small safety pin through and attach wherever you like to your garland.

Mount on your wall to create festive Valentine Cheer! Enjoy now and for future years to come!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  • Abby - So Cute Sunshine! I love the hat too! I can’t do button holes on my machine without saying the f word, so I might just have to buy a pre made one. Got any available?

  • Preston and Kristin - Wow, that looks like so much fun! I don’t have my sewing machine yet, but just as soon as I do…Abby, your comment made me giggle lots. Hee hee.

  • Patty - This is a really cute idea. Thank you for sharing how to make it!

  • Threeundertwo - Absolutely adorable! Thanks for the tute!