Something Sparkly

Here it is folks, my finished spring jacket.

As you know, or at least I think I informed you, that I was using Simplicity 3538 for this. This was made using a white/silver metallic linen. I love linen! Nothing says spring and summer like the flow of linen. I know it gets all crumpled up and messy looking and quite honestly, I think that is the beauty of this fabric. The drape is PHENOMENAL and it looks worn.

I’ll come back to fabrics in another episode here and then you’ll all know how I feel about them. I added a ruffle collar, which was made with a long strip of fabric, pressed in half, gathered and applied to the neckline and down the front of the right side.

I was going to do those bound buttonholes I showed you, however I missed a vital step and found that they would look great in the front but the back would show how messy they were unless done before the lining was applied. We’ll come back to those and have some fun. Don’t worry.

I added circular pockets with a little pleat and I did the topstitching in dark grey by hand. So, what do you think?

  • Kristiwistin - ADORABLE jacket!!! You’re amazing! I can’t wait to start sewing. It will happen…soon (I hope).

  • Abby - What a cute cute jacket. I love the fabric choice. Very unexpected I think. You never told me if you know of a pattern for Bermuda shorts. I make Bermuda’s, you make skirt.

  • The Cupcake Goddess - Oh, I haven’t seen a really cute pattern for bermuda’s but there is a McCalls pattern that looks like it would work. Take a look on the website and you might like.

  • Adrienne - Okay, this jacket rocks! I just might have to try one for myself, however my sewing skillz aren’t quite as mad good as yours! Keep up the fabulous work!