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Learning How to Fly

Today I witnessed a most beautiful thing. Something simple, but nonetheless profound, at least to me. I was sitting in my little blue truck while at lunch and saw a small bird, smaller than the others that surrounded it, trying to fly against the wind. He kept trying and trying and kept being thrown back down to the ground by the wind. A rather windy day today. After a few minutes and a little bit of trouble he finally made it up to a nearby tree branch. It reminded me so much of how life can be and usually is. Flying blind against the wind, never quite knowing what you are doing, but having to try to survive. I hope your flight plans and experiments are just as interesting.

  • Kristiwistin - That’s another incredibly cute apron! I’ll probably have to have one of those too! You’ve gotten me so excited for summer!

  • Abby - I love that apron! I love that it looks a little form fitting! How fabulous. And I do know what it feels like to be tossed hither and yon by the wind. We will find our wings and our direction sometime:) remember the famous line “slow and steady the pace wins the race.” Keep up the good work.