Have You Ever Had The Pleasure….

Of chewing vintage gum? The Mum Dear brought me this stash of gum over the weekend. It’s quite wonderful and still soft. Sometimes it’s hard and not quite as chewy. Not to say that this gum is actually vintage, of course, it’s been made recently and put out onto shelves. hahaha. But vintage, in that, they were some of the first gums out there. I have to admit, that the flavor is gone in about 2 minutes. Then again, it makes you wonder what chemical makes modern gum flavor last so long. This is just good old gum. I’m in love with the vintage packaging as well.

When my sister and I were growing up, my mom would always have this gum in her purse, coupled with a pack of Sen-Sens. She would get so upset when we would take them and eat them all. He he he. Some things never change.

  • Abby - You forgot to write that sen sens taste like a mixture of perfume and soap. We were pretty desperate for a treat.