Sew Happy

Here’s another one of my new toys. My brand new sewing machine. Now to some, this may not seem like the top of the line, amazing, sew itself machine, however this is a huge leap for me. I now have a Bernina 230.

It truly is a beautiful machine. I LOVE it. Can I say, it doesn’t get hung up and make really loud awful noises when I sew through multiple layers of fabric. In fact, it glides right through them. I can’t even believe the difference. All the feet are handmade. Handmade!! They are perfectly balanced in order to provide ease and stability in sewing. I also found out that this here bobbin set-up is the best set-up that has been built so far.

The Bernina Company has not moved to the upper bobbin system because of this system’s problems in maintaining consistent tension. I would have to definitely agree after coming from a starter Brother machine that features this upper bobbin system. I think the lower bobbin is the only way to go. So here I am. A true Bernina convert. I can’t believe all the stitches this thing can do either. I really can’t. How is it that I can find so much joy from so many stitches? I’ve really only used about three, but the idea of using all of them makes my mouth water. I want to marry my machine…Oh wait, I’m already married. I’ll have to settle for a long term affair.

  • Abby - wowsers! I’m very jealous! Trade ya? I’m sorry that we didn’t come to visit, but recall many moons ago when we wanted you to come with us and you said no.