February 28, 2017

Made: Burdastyle 2/2016 Men's Jacket

I've not made Mister AFS a jacket before, but I've threatened to several times. It was time to make good on that threat since I received some fabric in the mail that he took one look at and fell in love with. He's usually not the type to fall for fabric - I am - but he kept coming back to this one and stroking it and saying that he liked this or that about it and wondering what I was going to make out of it and on and on. Finally I caved and told him I would make him a jacket.
This fabric is from Organic Cotton Plus and one of the gals there contacted me in January and asked if I would review some fabric and in return I could pick what I wanted and have it shipped to me. I've actually worked with Organic Cotton Plus before and interestingly enough, made a jacket that time too. I decided to collaborate again because my previous experience was so positive. This was a very nice fabric to work with and a little unique in composition. It's made up of hemp/cotton/wool. The hemp in particular is a bit like linen. This was wonderfully lightweight and when it came, I was happy with the hand and weight and felt that it would do quite well as a spring/summer jacket. Organic Cotton Plus has started to branch out into some prints and also some interesting fiber compositions in the last while or so and that is always exciting to see!

January 19, 2017

In Progress: Vogue 8333 - Fitting

This is one of those patterns that I've wanted to make for a long time. The design, in my opinion, is so classic - has some interesting lines and a beautiful shape. The lapel and collar size seem well suited to the lines of the jacket - something I watch for a lot. This is also one of those Claire Shaeffer patterns and I've wanted to try one of these couture patterns for a long time. There is no time like the present, so I jumped in.
I made a muslin and was rather surprised at how well the muslin fit. With all of the design lines and such I was expecting a fitting nightmare, but I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part, the muslin fit rather well.

January 17, 2017

Made: Another Flannel Shirt for Mr. AFS

It was that time again. Mr. AFS needed a new flannel shirt. Having converted him to these over the last couple of years, I'm happy to say that the sewing pattern I use for these - Simplicity 1544 - is getting better and better with each shirt.  If you recall (which you very well may not because hello, that was over a year ago....) I made changes to the pattern to create a convertible collar style. This really helps cut down on the bulk when using a nice plush and hefty flannel. I opted to go with this style again because I went all hog wild and decided to splurge on this lovely Kaufman Mammoth Flannel. It was Mr. AFS's birthday after all and he definitely deserved a handmade something from me because I've put him through his paces in the last year or so.

January 12, 2017

New Year, Old Goal

It is a bright and shiny new 2017 everyone! I do love this time of year for that wiped slate clean sort of feeling, though it does tend to wear off rather too quickly. I'm not partial to making lots of resolutions as I've found that I never make good on them. One or two goals for the new year is good for me. An old goal that I've always had is to sew all the fabric. Or at the very least, to sew all of my fabric. More often than not, the accruing/hoarding part of my #fabricjunkie personality takes over and the sewing part gets tossed to the wayside. This year I decided to take more logical steps in trying to sew all the fabric. I mean, there's saying that I'm going to sew all the fabric and then there's actually making plans, laying groundwork and forming a foundation from which to accomplish a goal. While I know I won't be able to sew all of my fabric in one year, I can at least make a concerted effort to sew more of my stash than usual.
To start, I thought I would share a project that I undertook as my first official stashbusting step. Making a Swatch Journal. This was a tall order. I have a lot more fabric than even I realized. There were so many pieces that I forgot I had and some that I have no idea where they even came from. In fact, going through all of it gave me some much needed perspective. It is time to get some sew on.

November 5, 2016

Made: Figgy's Nituna Coat

I have some pretty darling nieces and a nephew and it just so happened that one of my nieces turned 7. I had heard through the grapevine that she could do with a winter coat. I thought it would be a great time to pull out this Figgy's Nituna Coat pattern that I've had stashed for ages and give it a go.
This is such a cute kids pattern and I feel that when you're making an investment piece like this, it's fun to add some of the bells and whistles of traditional tailoring to it for practice. Especially when it's for a little person and it's akin to making a sample, yet someone can actually wear it and use it. I opted to do some changes to this pattern to give it a more professional touch and because I do love doing a tailoring project and it's always good to remember how to do things like bound buttonholes and welt pockets.
Overview of the pattern: The Nituna coat is a children's pattern - unisex, which is a plus! - with a hood, optional back bodice pleat, patch pockets or welt pockets. This pattern also features a lining, but I would say that this is more of a reversible coat treatment than a traditional lining. I created a traditional lining for my version. The pattern itself does not really come with a lining pattern, but instead you cut the same pieces as the coat shell and from there put the "lining" and the outer "coat" together and attach with bias binding around the edges or right sides together, turn and topstitch.
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